Re: Handling a menu item in a modal dialog

Bill Pitcher

Not sure it is possible, modal means just the controls on sheet are actioned. Normally if you’re in a sheet and you want the App to Quit you add a Button that Quits. I think you can give the button the Command-Q short cut.

If the sheet isn’t fully modal then maybe you’re better coming from the other direction and displaying it non-modally and ensuring the menu options that don’t apply are disabled. YMMV.

Bill Pitcher
Literacy Aotearoa - Dunedin

On 14/08/2018, at 11:51 AM, James Walker <list2@...> wrote:

I'm trying to enable the Quit menu item while a modal dialog is running, is that possible? My window controller implements the terminate: action, and has a validateMenuItem: method, but validateMenuItem: never gets called. The window is main and key, and the only thing preceding the window controller in the responder chain is the window itself, which does not respond to a "terminate:" message. I've checked that [NSApp targetForAction: @selector(terminate:)] returns my window controller. What might I be missing?

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