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Hi Again,

I’ve taken a look at Geek Game Board and I’m finding it a but hard to know where to start. I’ve developed my game to the point where the game engine sends messages to the Game View Controller which cause a Subview to the Game Cell. I now just want to animate that process, so basically in my view controller I want the View to fly across the screen from the left player area to a position in the board view. In order to do this, do I create a new CALayer or do I use the CALayer of the View I’m moving. I’m just having problems seeing where I add the code, simplified, the it looks like this:

PieceView This View is taken from the Scroll View and 
CellView1 to CellView81  Added as a Subview of one of these Views.

If anyone knows of a really simple Sample App that shows how to do this I’d be really grateful if you could point me to it. 

All the Best

On 13 Jul 2017, at 18:15, Jens Alfke <jens@...> wrote:

On Jul 13, 2017, at 6:13 AM, Dave <dave@...> wrote:

What is the best way to achieve this? Do I use CALayer? 

Yup, I would recommend using CALayers for the whole UI, pretty much. Back when Core Animation first came out I wrote a framework for building board/card games:
It hasn’t been updated since 2011 so it probably needs some fixes for API changes, but I still think the basic design is pretty well thought out. The goal was that you could implement a simple game UI in <200 lines of code, and there are examples included for checkers, tic-tac-toe, Klondike solitaire, and a few others.


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