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Quincey Morris

On Jul 13, 2018, at 03:49 , Bill Pitcher <bill@...> wrote:

Unless I’m mistaken KVO requires going back to NSObject for my model, and not plain Swift classes.

Well, things get more complicated when you use non-Obj-C types, but it’s not necessarily true that you can’t use Swift types. In the case of the model, it may be sufficient that your “model" property of NSDocument be @objc (but not a Swift-native type), to KVO-observe it.

WindowController.document is Any? so doesn’t seem observable but I didn’t spend long on checking that. 

It’s still an @obj property of an Obj-C object, so it’s observable. The type is actually ‘id’, which translates into Swift ‘Any’ or ‘Any?’ these days, not into ‘AnyObject’ as it used to.

What I think you are saying is build a KVO compatible model and then link in observers through to all the Controllers.

I wasn’t really saying that, just saying you should be able to use KVO to keep track of the model’s root object. Whether you use KVO or Obj-C compatible objects or properties further down the line is up to you.

Note, however, that there is still a *lot* in built-in pressure to stay Obj-C-compatible in this part of your app design, because a lot of familiar design patterns rely on KVO and KVC.

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