Can I Generate a Segue This Way?

Rick Aurbach

I have a situation where I want a user tap on a UILabel to generate a segue. (Yes, it sounds a bit strange, but it makes sense in context.)

Working with a storyboard, I add a Tap Gesture Recognizer, connect it to the label, and connect the segue to the gesture recognizer. I think I've set everything up correctly, but tapping on the label does not trigger the segue.

Before I spend even more time double-checking my setup, I would like to ask if this is possible. I.e., should I be able to trigger a segue from a gesture recognizer? (IB lets me do it...) and if so, is my approach correct? I figure I ought to be able to do this programmatically, but working in the storyboard is just so much nicer... By the way (if this makes a difference), the segue is connected to a Storyboard Reference, rather than to a scene in the current storyboard. Could this be the problem?

What do you think?

Rick Aurbach

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