Re: Crash with "illegal opcode" - how to debug this issue?

Graham Cox

No other response so far…

That particular crash is just one example. There are numerous crash reports with the same basic crash, but not always in a CATransaction callback, though that is a very common one.

Perhaps it’s simply a memory issue with something freed prematurely. It’s the most straightforward explanation, if not the most straightforward thing to track down. I’ll proceed on that basis - it’s just that such bugs don’t usually show up in this form.


On 26 May 2018, at 4:37 am, Jack Brindle <> wrote:

Graham - did you ever get a response?
This looks to me like you are doing an animation which has completed and is trying to call back to your completion block. For some reason the completion block is mis-formed and is resulting in the execution of bad or non-code. I would look at your animation methods and make sure the completion blocks are formed and set up properly.


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