Re: update Localization

Chris Hanson

The main idea for Cocoa localization is that your source artifacts are the “the truth” for your development region (by default English): You use the real strings in NSLocalizedString() macros and in your xib and storyboard files

Then, when you’re ready to localize your application, you export for localization from Xcode to produce an XLIFF file that contains translatable strings. At the point of export, you can also choose to include existing translations in that XLIFF file, so your translators know what work they don’t have to do.

When your translator returns an updated XLIFF file for a given localization, you then import that to Xcode and it puts the appropriate content in the resources for just that language, replacing whatever was there previously. Because of the ability to include existing translations in the exported XLIFF, this shouldn’t be a big deal; strings that were present before should still be present, and strings that are no longer present should be omitted.

  -- Chris

PS - There were substantial improvements to Xcode’s translation infrastructure in Xcode 9.3, so for anyone else out there who has used it before, please try it out with Xcode 9.3.

On May 7, 2018, at 11:18 PM, Gerriet M. Denkmann <g@...> wrote:

I have an app (macOS 13.4, Xcode Version 9.3 (9E145)) which was localised (Xcode did some magic for me).

Now I made some changes.
Is there a way to update the Localizable.string, MainMenu.strings, etc. without destroying the stuff I already have translated?

I.e. things no longer existing should be removed (or commented out) and new stuff should be added.


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