string pointer

Gerriet M. Denkmann

I have a method like (macOS 13.3, Xcode 9.2 (9C40b)):

- (NSUInteger)computeFor: (NSUInteger)arg reason: (NSString * __autoreleasing *)reason
NSUInteger value;
// some computing…
if ( reason != NULL ) *reason = @“Used Chebycheff approximation”;
return value;

to be use like:

NSUInteger a = [ self computeFor: 12 reason: NULL ]; // don’t care for reason
NSString *s
NSUInteger b = [ self computeFor: 99 reason: &s ]; // want to know reason

I am not quite sure whether __autoreleasing is the correct annotation. Is it?

But my real problem is this:

BOOL needReason = …
NSString *s;
NSString **stringPointer = needReason ? &s : NULL;
NSUInteger c = [ self computeFor: 42 reason: stringPointer ]; // sometimes want to know the reason

I cannot figure out how to declare the stringPointer without getting compiler warnings.
How to do this?


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