Re: Removing kext from StagedExtensions

Alex Zavatone

This may be an overly trivial solution, but if I recall correctly, we used to create an UnusedExtensions folder at the same level and moved the kext into that folder.

I think it really is that simple, but I’d like someone else to confirm/deny that.  


On Dec 2, 2017, at 7:25 AM, 2551phil <2551phil@...> wrote:

On High Sierra, 10.13.n, how does a developer go about uninstalling their own kext placed in /Library/StagedExtensions? As I understand it (maybe incorrectly), these are under SIP protection.

The docs(1) seem to suggest removal requires manual intervention via the Recovery Disk, but don’t really mention what developers should do about uninstalling. Surely there must be a programmatic way?



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