Re: Add overflow indicator to text

Steve Mills

Thanks for the input, everyone. I mentioned that exclusionPaths are used, so the text flows inside arbitrary shapes, mostly comic book balloon type blobs. As such, there's rarely a straight bottom edge, straight right edge, or bottom-right corner. So it seems like the best place is to put the marker after the last visible character. If that happens to be outside the bounds of the parent view, I'll try putting it below the last visible char. And if that happens ti be outside the bottom of the parent view, float it over the last visible char. At that point, it doesn't matter of it obscures the char, since it's overflowed and the user needs to choose a smaller text size.

Years ago I worked for MultiAd. Our page layout app Creator put a fat, red ellipsis below the bottom edge of an overflowed text box when editing was active, and above the bottom edge when it was inactive. While active, it double as a button that allowed the user to add a new text block in sequence. When it didn't look right was when the text block was in a non-rectangular shape, like a right triangle whose right angle is at the top-left, so the marker was left floating in space. Which is why it makes sense for it to be near the last visible char, especially since the app I'm working on now is only a viewer, not an editor.

Thanks for talking through it with me.

Steve Mills
Drummer, Mac geek

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