Re: Documentation on printing in NSView, etc.

Graham Cox

Just after posting, a web search turned up this, which is I think what I was looking for:

But why isn’t this found using a search in the documentation browser? As I said, we’re going backwards with every Xcode release.


On 4 Nov 2017, at 4:42 pm, Graham Cox <graham@...> wrote:

Hi all,

Can anyone link any sort of documentation that explains what all the stuff NSView does for printing does? I’m sure there used to be documentation explaining this but I just can’t find it. (And the documentation browser in Xcode 9 is even worse than the one in Xcode 8, if that were possible. How can I turn off search results pertaining to UIKit/iOS when I only want Mac-related stuff?). The documentation for the classes involved is all very well, but I need to know more than just a basic description, I need to know how it all works together.

Specifically, I have a view that is used for printing, but I’m getting very confused about how it should be set up based on NSPrintInfo, etc. As a result I’m getting multiple pages with the same content, stuff positioned incorrectly, and other annoying things that a teensy bit of documentation would no doubt solve. The basic problem is that apparently things like the -paperSize property of NSPrintInfo doesn’t contain the paper size, but the printable area, so I have to add margins, but then after adding the margins (and so the view seems to be the right size), the content ends up in the wrong place. Confusion reigns.


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