Re: LInker errors where there were none before

Graham Cox

All looks OK.

I’m going to try Xcode 9, just in case (grasping at straws perhaps). I did upgrade Xcode and the OS separately, but this particular project wasn’t recompiled until now.


On 25 Oct 2017, at 10:45 am, Alex Zavatone <zav@...> wrote:

It sounds like the one of a few things might help.

Look in your "link to binaries” build section to see if any binaries are added twice, or are missing.

Also, check to see in the build file phases that you’re not adding the .m file twice under Compile Sources.

I’ve seen Xcode return an error like this, but really, it was that there were two attempts to build the file with the same methods and it said that it couldn’t link, not that the same file was included twice in the compile process.

I’d check that before attempting to reinstall Xcode 8.3.3.

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