Sandboxed WkWebView

Gerriet M. Denkmann

macOS 12.6

When I start my sandboxed app, I get lots of messages like:

“could not create “/Volumes/เม่น/Users/gerriet/Library/Containers/….”."

Of course there is no disk-partition called “เม่น”.

And when I check “/Volumes/เม่น™/Users/gerriet/Library/Containers/….” all complained about folders have been created.

So far so confusing.

But when I do [ wkWebView loadHTMLString: … ] I see again:

“could not create “/Volumes/เม่น/Users/gerriet/Library/Containers/de.mdenkmann.TestViewsMac/Data/Library/Caches/WebKit/NetworkCache”"

and then nothing happens - no delegate method is ever called and the view remains blank.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?


P.S. works fine without sandboxing. And WebView works with or without sandboxing.

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