Re: [XCode] Developer ID code signing - still exists?

Roland King

have her export the private key and send it to you (properly passworded) so you can import it into your keychain.

(don't know why messages show up so slowly on this list .. still haven't seen my reply from this morning).

On 12/10/2017 09:51, Graham Cox wrote:

Yep, I since discovered the same thing. The account owner (not me) was able to create Developer ID certs, but there’s still a problem - because she requested the cert (using Keychain Access), when I download the cert, there’s no associated private key, so signing still fails, but now with a slightly different error message.

We don’t know how to resolve this. I’ve asked Apple support, seems they may have broken something, or else we just don’t understand how it’s supposed to work (quite likely). Waiting on their response.


On 12 Oct 2017, at 11:46 am, Quincey Morris <quinceymorris@...> wrote:

It’s missing for me on my “regular” Apple ID team role. However, when I logged in as the account owner (team agent), the extra Developer ID option was shown. I’m pretty sure this is (relatively) new — I think I used to do this as just admin role.

On Oct 11, 2017, at 16:51 , Graham Cox <graham@...> wrote:

Suddenly, the option to do this disappeared from XCode.

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