Re: [XCode] Developer ID code signing - still exists?

Roland King

I have the Developer ID option on that screen, it's just below the Website Push ID one for me.

Perhaps go check the agreements section and see if there's one which has been updated you need to click on.

Otherwise a call to Apple is in your future.

On 12/10/2017 07:51, Graham Cox wrote:

Hi all,

Run into another code signing issue.

I distribute an app outside the App Store, so I use a Developer ID to sign it. Suddenly, the option to do this disappeared from XCode. When I attempt it, I get the following error:

(If the screenshot wasn’t allowed, it has

Failed to locate or generate matching signing assets:
Xcode attempted to locate or generate matching signing assets and failed to do so because of the following issues
Permissions failure
Your account does not have permission to create MacOS App Direct Distribution certificates.)

So, I go to apple developer site to see what’s going on. Under my Mac OS signing certificates, I have a development ID, and certs forthe App Store. But no Developer ID cert. When I go to add one, there is no option available:

(I really hope we can attach screenshots, because decribing this one is tedious. But the gist is: there’s no option to request a Developer ID certificate, only a development cert, or Mac App Store (plus push notifications, et, which are irrelvant to me).

We have checked and we’re fully paid up, so we see no reason that Developer ID certificates shoukd be unavailable to us.

Are they still supported? If not, what am I supposed to do to sign my app?


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