Gerriet M. Denkmann

macOS 12.5, Xcode Version 8.3.2 (8E2002)

App with Base Internationalisation; Development Language = English, localised for German.

Target = “TargetName” (probably same as PRODUCT_NAME)

Both InfoPlist.strings (Base) and InfoPlist.strings (German) have:
CFBundleDisplayName = “RealName”;

Activity Monitor shows: “RealName”; as do both:
[NSBundle mainBundle].localizedInfoDictionary[@“CFBundleDisplayName”] and
[NSRunningApplication currentApplication].localizedName.

But Finder shows “TargetName” (if system language = English).

When I log in as a user with system language = German, Finder shows: “RealName” as it should.

I find this very confusing and not quite what I expected.

How can I persuade Finder to always use the value from InfoPlist.strings regardless of system language?


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