Re: Alternative to Auto Layout?


I tried that, but the problem is that, you need a lot of sub-StackViews and text is spread across them, when a resize occurs, the font sizes etc. stop being uniform, e.g. The text:

Game: 123    Round: 321  

“Game" would be in one size font and “Round” another and the same for the value fields, you can solve this to some extent by tweaking properties, but what you end up with it a) Not as good as if you did it yourself, b) Hard to understand (try coming back to a UI design a couple of weeks later and trying to figure the constraints!), and c) difficult to change.

Not only that, its so slow with AL, it takes seconds on my system to switch between different screen sizes (e.g. iPhone 5 to iPhone 7+).

Anyway, I’ve stoped using AL now and am glad I did.

All the Best

On 5 Jul 2017, at 20:27, Andreas Mayer <andreas@...> wrote:

Am 04.07.2017 um 21:37 schrieb Dave <dave@...>:

I want to display the following information:

This looks like something that can be almost completely solved just by using stack views (NSStackView, UIStackView).

May be worth a try.

- Andreas

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