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Sorry should have said, XCode 8.3.3. and iOS.

On 5 Jul 2017, at 18:29, Dave <dave@...> wrote:

Hi All,

Do I *need* to add constraints to a Scroll View or the Views inside a Scroll View?

I’m trying to avoid applying any constraints in a View, I’ve started again using the old fashioned way of doing things, e.g. “Auto Resizing”. This works really well of everything I need but when I try to add a scroll view, I get errors saying that it needs constants for the View inside the Scroll View and Needs Constraints for X Position and has “Ambiguous Scrollable Content Height.

Can anyone tell me how to do make a simple Scroll View work these days?

If I add constraints, it then moans about the other views needing constraints, if I add them, it will go wrong again. I’m trying to get a half way house, where auto layout is used to manage the two main game Views, Left Area 1/3 Screen and Right Area 2/3’s of the Screen.

I can do ok with everything I need except a Scroll View? Is what I am trying to do impossible? If I stop using Auto Layout altogether, will Scroll Views work?

Thanks for any help - I’m really having a hard time getting the simplest UI working.

All the Best

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