Re: How to store C Arrays as a Property or iVar?

Pascal Bourguignon

On 18 Aug 2017, at 21:07, Dave <dave@...> wrote:

Hi All,

I’ve converted some C code into Objective-C and have some C Array structures like so:

int [10][10]) myArray;

That I want to store in a Property or iVar inside a Wrapper Class. How do I do this?

I’ve tried:

@interface WrapperClass : NSObect
int [10][10]) mArray;

But I get an error if I try to assign or read it, as in:

myArray = _mArray;


_mArray =  myArray;


Objective-C is C.

You have to know C to be able to program in Objective-C.

In C, arrays are not first class objects.  So you cannot use = to copy arrays (or to take a reference to an array, there’s no such notion in C).

The solution is to write a loop to copy the elements.

void copy_my_array(int src[10][10],int dst[10][10]){
    for(int i=0;i<10;++i){
        for(int j=0;j<10;++j){

then use:


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