Re: "broken pipe", but not when debugging...


On Aug 10, 2017, at 9:30 PM, Graham Cox <graham@...> wrote:

I can’t find any mention of functions called signal() or ioctl() in the current (Xcode 8) documentation browser. But then, it seems we’ve lost the ability to view man pages. WTF, why are we going backwards with every “update”?

It does seem absurd that the most fundamental APIs — the C standard library and POSIX/Darwin system calls — aren’t supported by Xcode’s documentation features. Especially since the header files give zero information, usually not even parameter names. I assume this is something hundreds of people have already filed bug reports about over the years. 

I just end up typing “man foo” in a Terminal window, or using the awesome Dash app.

Jack Brindle wrote:

Be sure and put the data write into a try-catch block in order
to catch the broken pipe (assuming it occurs on a write). This is actually documented, but I’ll have to go find it to say. My notes indicate the
docs to say: This method raises an exception if the file descriptor is closed or is not valid, if the receiver represents an unconnected pipe
or socket endpoint, if no free space is left on the file system, or if any other writing error occurs.

I think this is a separate (but related) issue. NSTask is one of the few Cocoa APIs that will throw exceptions in ‘normal’ use to indicate a runtime error, so your advice is correct. But the SIGPIPE crash is different — signals are not exceptions, they’re an earlier lower-level mechanism.


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