Re: Retrieve all available Finder tags on Monterey and later

Gary L. Wade

I’m not sure if it’s officially documented somewhere, but what I’d do is add some tags to a particular file, see what that file looks like from the Terminal (e.g., xattr), and do a search for info about what it looks like vs another file that doesn’t have tags.  If there’s no official documentation once you see what you’re needing to see, file a feedback request to get it documented.

On Jan 11, 2023, at 8:27 PM, Leo <var@...> wrote:

I wonder if anyone has figured out a way to retrieve ALL available Finder tags on Monterey and later?

On pre-Monterey systems, it was possible by reading this file:


However, this file doesn't exist anymore.

Other methods (such as reading Finder prefs or fileLabels of NSWorkspace) only return the 8 standard labels - but not any custom tags created by the user.

Googling the subject didn't produce any results.

Thanks for any info,

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