Re: Strange: Rosetta faster than M1

Alex Zavatone

It might seem like a primitive approach, but logging with time stamps should be able to highlight where the suckyness is. Run a log that displays the time delta from the last logging statement so that you are only looking at the deltas. Then run each version and see where the slowness is. That should tell you, right?

Alex Zavatone

On Sep 19, 2022, at 7:40 PM, Gerriet M. Denkmann <gerriet@...> wrote:

On 19 Sep 2022, at 20:07, Alex Zavatone via <zav@...> wrote:

What is it doing? We would need to compare the tasks it’s doing so that we could estimate where any slowness would be.
It computes the faculty of 300 000 (i.e. 1 * 2 * 3 * … * 299 999 * 300 000), a somewhat large integer.

Have you profiled it using Xcode’s profiler?
Yes, but I could not see anything unusual.

Can you add log statements so that you can see where the operations are slowed down?
Probably not. But maybe you could tell me, how I can persuade Instruments to use the Rosetta-Version?
Then maybe I could see, where the two versions differ.


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