Re: What is the best strategy for this?

Ben Kennedy

On 2 Apr 2021, at 3:27 pm, Rick Aurbach via <rlaurb@...> wrote:

Consider a square cell which contains a diamond. The four vertices of the diamond are the midpoints of the four sides of the cell. The active region of each cell is the area inside the diamond. Cells are close-packed horizontally. Each section (i.e., "row") is offset a half-width down and a half-width to the side of the cells above it. In other words, the cells are positioned so that the diamond edges are superimposed. The attached image should give you an idea.
Perhaps this is naïve, but the first thing that comes to mind: could you not simply deal with it as a regular matrix of squares, and then apply a 45 degree transform on the view?

(I haven't tested anything like this, but I presume that touch events would be transformed accordingly…?)


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