Re: Compiler error - method not found on object which conforms to protocol

Sandor Szatmari

Thanks for everyone’s help and I’m sorry I was unable to share the code.  I’m sure it would have been obvious and everyone would have see the issue with the actual code available.

It turns out that I only had a forward declaration of the protocol in the header, once I added an actual import of the protocol to the ‘.m’ file, the error was resolved.  

Thanks again for everyone’s thoughts!


On Mar 27, 2021, at 12:39, Sak Wathanasin <sw@...> wrote:

On 27 Mar 2021, at 13:54, Sandor Szatmari <> wrote:

I tried implementing serverPort as a property and I still get the same error

As Allan suggested, maybe you should post the actual code. I have this same usage in my code and it builds & runs just fine.


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