Ensure Framework Links to static lib not dylib

Sandor Szatmari

I have a Framework and am adding support to it from code located in an external library.

I have added the ‘.a’ version of the lib to the project (build phase link to…) I dragged it to the project navigator and added to appropriate target

I have added include and search paths in target’s build settings

Note: Both the ‘.a’ and dylib versions for the external resource are located in /usr/local/lib

Everything builds and runs fine either in xcode or launched from outside xcode on the dev machine

However, when I deploy the Framework to a non-dev machine it complains about the dylib not being present???

This surprised me because I specifically added the ‘.a’ (static) lib to the xcode project

Am I ‘doing it wrong’? How do I ensure the xcode target links my Framework to the static lib and not the dylib?

Thanks in advance,

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