Many new warnings after Xcode upgrade

Graham Cox

I just updated to XCode 12.1, and my project is throwing a lot of new warnings about “double-quoted include in framework header”. This appears to be because of the build setting “Quoted include in Framework Header”, which is now a recommended setting.

I can turn that off again, but what is this treally trying to tell me? These warnings appear to be bogus, in that yes, I’m building several frameworks as part of my workspace, but surely the files within those framework sources should be simple double quotes, not refer to the framework headers - after all, it’s the framework I’m building!

I’m confused, but perhaps it’s because my project structure is incorrect. But I don’t want to go and change a whole bunch of stuff before I properly understand what should be done here.

Example errors in the output — note, this framework is one I just use “as is”, I’m not even building it (Sparkle).


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