Anyone using CloudKit?


Hey, is anyone here using CloudKit? I'm getting started with it and have issues. There's some content on Apple's dev forums, but frankly even the new improved forums have awful UX (why couldn't they have simply used Discourse?)

#1: My Apple developer account is not the same as my regular Apple ID. That means the records my app creates are associated with my regular ID, so when I go to the CloudKit Dashboard I can't look inside the private database because I'm signed in with a different ID. 

#2: How the heck does one write tests for CloudKit? The server-side environment is super test-unfriendly since there's no way to programmatically set up a clean slate. The only way to get a fresh empty database is to go to the Dashboard and manually press a button to nuke the entire dev container. The only real solution I can imagine is to mock the entire CK API, which is feasible since it seems to be implemented in Obj-C, but that would be a big effort and you'd have to reproduce all the behaviors of the real system, which aren't documented.


PS: I'm about to cross-post this to the other cocoa-dev list at … sorry for the duplication

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