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On Jul 4, 2017, at 06:36, Dave <dave@...> wrote:

Does anyone know of an alternative for Auto Layout.

I find myself wasting so much time with it as to be ridiculous, so I’d like to get away from it if possible.
No. Find a good guide that will really teach you how to use it correctly and you'll thank yourself for taking the small amount of time it takes.
There isn’t one that I can find and there’s no help available just people telling me to find a good guide! If there was a good guide I’d use it - there isn’t one! So the best thing to do is no stop using it now, before it gets too entrenched. I’ve already done this in a number of Apps, and I’ll do the same here unless anyone has anything else I could look at that does something similar.

I’d advise anyone thinking of adopting Auto Layout to not waste their time, if XCode/IB were any good you might stand a fighting chance, but as it is you are in for a hard and long battle before you realise you are better off without it.

So, how to lay this out without AU?
What's AU? Audio Units?
Apple mail, correcting AL!

All the Best

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