Re: Auto layout help

John Brownie

Further digging leaves me more confused. Because I'm supporting 10.9, there are various features I can't use, so I'm stuck with the auto layout basics, and it's hard to find a good explanation of how to set that up.

So, the window has a plain NSView in it, call it Container A. In the windowDidLoad of the window controller, I create an instance of the appropriate concrete subclass of MyWebView, which is the abstract class that captures the common behaviour I want, call it Container B, and make it a subview of Container A. The subclass creates its appropriate web view (WKWebView or WebView) and adds it as a subview of itself. So we have Container A containing Container B, which contains a web view.

What I want is to have zero margins around the web view and Container B, and have them resize as Container A is resized by resizing the window. My approach has been to set constraints in IB on Container A. When creating the web view, I add it as a subview of Container B and add constraints. When Container B has been created, I add it to Container A and add constraints. But somehow the constraints seem to be in the wrong places.

For debug purposes, I made the margins different at each level, and that gives me an unsatisfiable layout, as I have the different constraints conflicting.

The conclusion is that I don't know what I'm doing, and I haven't been able to find anything to explain how to set these up in code. Can anyone point me to a resource that tells me how to do this?


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