Installing a Launchd.plist

Sandor Szatmari

I have an application that presents a window to the user which floats above all other windows. It must be running at all times when any user is logged in.

I achieve this with a launchd.plist installed in /Library/LaunchDaemons which simply relaunches the app if the window is ever closed (closing the window terminates the app).

For development I currently install the plist manually. What is the preferred way to install this file for a distributable version of my app? Do I create an installer? This seems to be a thing of the past, especially considering the MAS. Do I use SMJobBless? If so I can't find good documentation, and it seems this is all about a helper tool. I have no helper tool, I just need to install a plist which relaunches my app? And it's unclear if the SMJobBless permanently alter system behavior?


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