Re: Weird crash with Mojave, no crash on High Sierra

Alex Zavatone

I trust it is a Mac app?

What is the crash log?

On Nov 9, 2019, at 7:37 AM, Markus Ruggiero <mailinglists@...> wrote:

Way back when I dabbled around with ObjC (that was in 2002!) I created a small app that shows images from disk. About a year ago I upgraded this app to 64bit and ARC. This went well after a bit of flapping on my side because of deprecation warnings and things. But hey, it functioned and I built the app and it ran well. Btw this has been my only atempt at Cocoa programming since, so I am not a guru at all here).

Recently I upgraded from High Sierra to Mojave and my little app still runs - but it crashes somewhere deep inside Cocoa after the (only) window is closed. Why? I do have that crash consistently but it seems not to happen at the same place all the time. It happens to the built app as well as the app running within Xcode under debugger control. Unfortunately I have no idea how to debug this as my window has been closed and removed and only the menu bar should remain, ready to create a new window. There seems nothing of my code to be involved here

I did hear from a colleague that he has apps (not written by himself) that show the exact same behavior: running fine but crashing when the last window is closed. Is this something known? Anyone has an idea what could be the cause and how to prevent it?

Thanks a lot

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