Re: iOS keyboard extension

Quincey Morris

On Nov 20, 2019, at 07:19 , Steve Mills via Groups.Io <sjmills@...> wrote:

Anybody else have problems with developing iOS keyboard extensions not working? I've barely added any code except a Next Keyboard button, figured out how to attach Xcode to the keyboard target after launching the host app, and stopped at a breakpoint in viewDidLoad, but stepping over simple lines like "self.nextKeyboardButton.translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints = NO" causes a SIGQUIT. I'm also not seeing NSLog output anywhere; not in Xcode's console or in the Simulator's system log.
I don’t have experience with keyboard extensions, but with some other types. I have *not* being successful in stepping through extension code, because (apparently) the system doesn’t know that the extension is stopped at a breakpoint, and so kills the extension for not being responsive.

I think I remember seeing NSLog output in the Xcode console when properly attached to the extension process, but maybe I’m imagining that. I know that I often ended up using Console to see what the extension logged. (Make sure you start Console before starting the extension, and put a filter on the output to restrict it to the extension name, or put a recognizable prefix on every logged line so you can filter on that.) The advantage of using Console is that you can see the logging even in cases where you don’t actually attach to the extension process.

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