Re: Mysterious build warning with .xib file

Graham Cox

Hmmm, oh well, I guess I’ll just live with it. Bigger fish to fry and all that.



On 6 Nov 2019, at 1:05 pm, Quincey Morris <quinceymorris@...> wrote:

On Nov 5, 2019, at 16:03 , Graham Cox <graham@...> wrote:

Am I missing something? I’m building for 10.11 at the earliest, and that seems to be what is set throughout. So why the “Unsupported configuration”?

I see similar results. It looks like a bug.

If I set “Builds for” to “Deployment Target”, it shows the wrong deployment target (10.13 instead of 10.11), or if I choose a popup setting later than 10.13 there’s no error. It’s not clear whether it’s actually using 10.13, or using 10.11 and lying about it. Note that the build log shows “--minimum-deployment-target 10.11”.

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