Re: Puzzle with Hardened Runtime entitlement

Graham Cox

I checked that, and it’s turned on in the build settings.

There’s another oddity, which is probably the real cause.

In “signing and capabilities”, I have it set for Xcode to manage automatically. I can choose by company, but the menu for the Signing Certificate won’t let me choose ‘Development’ - it just refuses to select it and remains set to ’None’.

Also, when I do a build, I get this warning:

If I uncheck ‘Automatically manage signing’, then it needs a provisioning profile I don’t have. I could probably create one, but it seems that Apple need me to change the bundle identifier so I can do that! I simply don’t get the interaction between all these things - it just seems like a bunch of random hoops I have to jump through, with little rhyme nor reason. Changing the bundle identifier is going to break (AGAIN!!!) the continuity of updates of my app with my customers. I’m getting really sick of that, and so are they.


On 4 Nov 2019, at 10:40 am, Shane Stanley <sstanley@...> wrote:

On 1 Nov 2019, at 12:25 pm, Graham Cox <graham@...> wrote:

I’m using Xcode 11.0

I had no problem in Xcode 10, but in the one project where I turned the hardened runtime on for the first time in Xcode 11, I had to make sure it was on in Build Settings as well as in the Signing & Capabilities tab.

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