Re: How to Log Off from Game Center using the Simulator?

Gary L. Wade

It sounds like you’ve got an issue with Xcode and the Simulators.  If you’ve been playing with beta Xcode and released Xcode at the same time, all sorts of weirdness can happen.  Try quitting Simulator, Instruments, and any other Xcode utility apps, then quit Xcode, and then launch the Xcode you care about using.  If you still have an issue, check your trackpad, mouse, other physical devices, etc., and if that doesn’t work, you might have a bug with Simulator that should be reported to Apple.  If you’re using accessibility in any manner to do your navigation within Simulator, be sure to note that.

I personally saw no issues with doing the operation you suggested with the most recent beta of Xcode.

On Jul 19, 2017, at 6:07 AM, Dave <dave@...> wrote:


Game Centre doesn’t show up in the Simulator Settings…..  In fact, when I open the settings App on the Simulator (iPhone 5s - iOS 10.3 (14E8301)), I can’t fully see the bottom item in the list (only the top few lines of pixels are visible) and it won’t scroll. I can just about click the last item in the list and if I do, it take me to the “Photo & Camera” panel.

Not sure what is going on?

All the Best

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