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Welcome to the AppleScript Wiki!

updated  2017-10-23 14:52 GMT-0500

As the sign says, we are just getting started, and are looking for wiki contributors of all sizes and shapes. You don't have to be an "expert", or a "guru" to contribute, but you do need to be correct. So please double-check ✅✅  your posts to this wiki to make sure they are factual, correct, and clear. We want everyone to know they can rely on the information they find in this wiki! 😀

So, please join with us in making this the best AppleScript site on the web❗️

For now, I am just listing the pages of the Wiki. As more pages are added, and we develop a good outline for the Wiki, it will be updated.

Technical Note: This wiki is written in Markdown. See Markdown Cheatsheet. If you edit a page, it will automatically be in Markdown mode. If you want to create a new page, you may need to go to Account Preferences, and set the Post Preference to Markdown.

Table of Contents

  1. System Events -- The AppleScript Swiss Army Knife (coming soon)