Raising the 'auto open zipped .dmg's' again.

Brian Christmas

G’day scripters.

Several days ago I posted here, and also in the Apple forums, that in High Sierra, and after the second last Sierra Security update, zipped disk image files no longer download and auto open the .dmg. Auto opening of zipped & blessed .dmg files use to be the norm. No longer.

I have found others that have asked the same question some time back, in other forums, and not received an answer.

In the Apple forum, one member argued that this should be the way security should work, but I pointed out that while zipped dmg's unzip to the .dmg, the blessed .dmg does not auto open,  but the user has to open the dmg without possibly knowing the contents anyway, so what’s the point in stopping it opening from a zip to opened dmg in one step? Much, much more user friendly, and removes the necessity to open the downloads folder, and double click the .dmg, which new users would be unfamiliar with. And, you can’t post a folder background, or dialog, to explain what to do, until AFTER the .dmg is manually opened.

As this seems to be a recent, unnecessary (in my opinion), development, my question is…

Should I file a bug report under ‘usability’?

If anyone would like to test the procedure, under either Mavericks, Sierra, or High Sierra, one of my links is….http://meselfsoftware.com/Art%20Archiver%20Secretary/

All thoughts appreciated!