Is it possible to triple click at mouse position???

Brian Christmas

G’day scripters

I have a situation where an app is cycling for receiving Barcode scans.

Also, two columns in a table with number formatters.

I have a button placed over the numbers, that  is active (invisibly) when the barcode scanning is active, and if a number is clicked above it, the button becomes hidden, and turns the scanning off.

However, it’s then cumbersome to have to triple click after a short while to select the number formatters.

I’d like to automate this, and triple click exactly where  the mouse was clicked above the number, but everything I’ve found on the net indicates I need a system addition to get the mouse position, and click there. What I want is something that can be added to and distributed with the App, and also works with Shane’s fordEvents.

Any suggestions, please??



PS, Shane, thanks for the tip on Cocoa variables. I WAS opening the report in TextEdit, but had utterly no idea of what I was looking at. I’ve listed each variable now (36), and coerced them individually, and everything works fine, thank you.