Distributing an AppleScript on a disk image

John Brownie

I'm a very occasional user of AppleScript, so I'm not all that up on how to do things. I have failed to find something by search, so here's my question.

My application allows users to create custom keyboard layouts, and they would like to be able to distribute them with an easy mechanism for installing them. What I used to do was to provide a way to create a disk image with the keyboard layout and a symbolic link to /Library/Keyboard Layouts. That worked fine, but would like to add a second option, that of installing in ~/Library/Keyboard Layouts. That can't be done with a symbolic link, so I created a simple AppleScript droplet that does what is necessary. The problem is that the droplet won't work when it's on a disk image, and has to be copied to the user's disk, which is an extra step I'd like to avoid.

Is there a way to create a droplet which actually works when it's on a disk image? If not, I will have to rethink the whole approach.

Thanks for any help!
John Brownie
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