Advice required with cURL, please! NOTE, another question!!

Brian Christmas

G’day all

Thanks to all of you who responded. Very useful information to be stored in my old brain.

I bit the bullet and rang Digital Pacific, my web hosts.

Apparently, cURL can only address files embedded inside websites, according to their technician.

My folder and txt file are in the same Server home folder as my two websites, but not embedded in one of them.

As my intention is to try and keep count of how many times each app has been installed under any given email address, on different machines (still to be worked out), I don’t want to update from the .txt file on my website to my website project on my iMac, every time I update the website itself.

However, if I use ftp, I CAN read and write to that darn home/folder/.txt file.

In order to use ftp, I will need to use my site login credentials. My App is execute-only, but I’ve read that execute-only code can be opened with a text editor, and read. I’ve taken steps to make life difficult for anyone trying this, with other data, but a question, please.

Is it true that ASObjC execute-only code can be read using a text editor?

If so, is there any way of preventing this (ATM I’m encrypting data).



On 24 Oct 2017, at 2:14 am, Doug McNutt <douglist@...> wrote:

The list called:
is active and might have a better source of answers.

There is another curl list directed to folks willing to work on curl itself. Methinks you don't want that.

The contents of a file as a variable is probably quite dependent on things called "standard". Dot-txt is not enough unless you have some way of controlling what you ask for.

Is it too hard to receive the data as a file and just read it into a variable?

On Oct 22, 2017, at 20:53:06, Brian Christmas <ozsanta@...> wrote:

G’day scripters

I want to read a remote .txt file using cURL, and save the result to a variable, NOT a file.
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