Auto mount .dmg in High Sierra? Possible??

Brian Christmas

G’day Scripters

You’ve been most fortunate. I’ve been laid up in hospital for 4 months quite ill, and have not had access to my iMac in that time.

However, I’m quite well now, and ready to annoy you all once more (grin)!

So, a new sort of question…..

I’ve upgraded to High Sierra, and hugely modified the two versions of my App; re-named to Art Archiver, and a lite version, Art Archiver Secretary. However, I’m newly having problems in the distribution of them. In the past, ‘blessing’ a pre-compressed disk image resulted in the image, when downloaded, expanding and then auto mounting, showing the .dmg folder, ah la Carbon Copy Cloner.

This procedure either no longer works, or I’m leaving some step(s) out.

My decompresses, but does no mount under Sierra or High Sierra, which is a pain.

I invested in Toast 16, but it’s own distribution only follows the latter procedure, and while it can include a picture background, it’s distribution is a square default window, and the icon is in the default top left, and quite small. It remains un-compressed in the downloads folder, and the purchaser has to ‘guess’ where it is, and what to do with the .dmg.

Is anyone able to guide me on how to create compressed .dmg, and have it auto mount after de-compression, please??



PS. It’s great fun being back in the land of the living, and no longer suffering the long term effects of 28 months of severe sleep deprivation.