Re: What is "system events" ?



You have made some good points about the "System Events" app (which it really is not). ¬†ūüėČ

I have come to think of SE as the AppleScript Swiss Army Knife -- it is a great utility for doing many, often unrelated, things.
I suspect that the AppleScript "old timers" know it like the back of their hand, and don't give much thought to it.  

But to those of us still learning AppleScript (which I still am), it has not been clear.  Like the Swiss Army Knife, some of the tools are fairly obvious, while others are not.  And like any tool, understanding a tool's features, and knowing how to use it, and what use cases it is good/best for, are two very different things.

Thanks for asking this question.

And thanks to everyone who has replied with a helpful answer. ¬†I've learned a lot from you today. ¬†ūüėĄ

Best Regards,

Jim Underwood
aka JMichaelTX

P.S.  So as to not upset the sensitive among you, I am bcc this to the 

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Ok, I had the idea that it was mostly UI scripting, but sometimes it would do something else. Indeed, the dictionary covers a huge lot of totally unrelated areas of specialization.

So I guess I just need to remind myself that "System Events" is a misnomer and call that "Headless Applications Bundle", which is much less sexy, but more indicative of what the thing really does.

Thank you again all who have replied.


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