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Note that you can do the same trick with any other app, too, not just System Events; i.e., see a live view of whatever app’s properties, classes, etc. 

The live inspector view, along with the variables view and SD’s dictionary viewer, are really what make SD worthwhile for me. I rarely have need to actually step into the debugger itself thanks to these.



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Thanks for posting this.  This is a huge tip!
For those that don't have SD6, or, like me, not sure what Phil is referring to, here's a screen shot of the lower Inspector Panel of SD6, after I have entered the simple script below:


Here is another screenshot where I have expanded the "UI elements" list:


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tell application "System Events"
#~-- your code goes here...~#
end tell

is a common go-to I use, where I never fill in the ‘your code goes here’ part or even compile the script. I just leave the cursor on the first line within “System Events” and use SD’s live inspector to browse the goodies.

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