Important question, please?

Brian Christmas

G’day Scripters.

Apart from several weeks of thorough testing, it appears my 10-years-in-the-making App is ready for Public release. I might actually be able to stop annoying you all!!!

Thank you to a whole bunch of people in these lists, in particular Shane Stanley, and Yvan Keonig. Apologies to anyone else who feels they deserve a mention.

However, it’s operational scope has grown so much that I’m a bit disappointed in the amount of overhead processing time each email takes. Each image in an Email prints in about 10 seconds, but 35-50 seconds minimum is added for each Emails background processing and Data saving.

I’m wondering, now I’ve got nothing to do, would converting much of the code to Swift in the main Apps Part 1 speed it up much? (The main Apps in 3 parts, which work together; part 1 is 14,000+ lines, running 24/7). Swift simply wasn’t around when I started this whole thing.

Lots of file reading and writing. Disk intensive. Lots of RAM minimizes this. 32GB recommended. It uses over 12GB without extra caching.

I’ve read this link below, and the procedure seems straightforward. I just thought I’d ask the Guru bunch if I’d be wasting my time.



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