Re: Trying to set up 8 column Table with 276 embedded Check Boxes.

Brian Christmas


For the ObjC group. Thanks Jens. Sorry for overstepping the etiquette. I actually posted to both lists, hopefully, but it's an ASObC Project, so I think it belongs here, or else, why not please? Does the Applescript list cover these Projects?

I've been battling with the code, and simplified it, so I'll just post snippets, if that's OK.


  set item1CBVisible to true # (current application's NSMutableDictionary's dictionaryWithObjects:{true} forKeys:{value})

set item1CBTitle to (item (iof (my extensionsToIgnoreas text#}

on error

  set item1CBVisible to false # (current application's NSMutableDictionary's dictionaryWithObjects:{false} forKeys:{value})

set item1CBTitle to "" #} forKeys:{title})

end try

  set temp to (current application's NSMutableDictionary's dictionaryWithObjects:{item1CBVisibleitem1CBTitleforKeys:{Extensions1CBValueExtensions1CBTitle})

set anObj to {Extensions1CB:temp}

I think  that should be OK, but this next is failing, with the BOOL error. (Column 1 is bound to Extensions1CBValue).

(ExtensionsArrayController's addObjects:anObj)

I think that in turn is caused by my inability to find a way of setting the value and title of the checkbox cell to the Array Controllers nested values. (Nested in the Column). I've tried to address both directly with Extensions1CBValueExtensions1CBTitle  with no result except the BOOL error. Then I tried setting a path, Extensions1CB:Extensions1CBValue using every type of separator I could think of; comma, full stop, colon, and what's shown below (a reference). All result in the BOOL error.

Does anyone know what's wrong please. Or, can someone guide me on whats the correct method of addressing nested values in an Array Controller? Nothing like it is covered in Explored 5, and I can't find anything online.




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