Re: Change a aJSON list to an Applescript list?

Brian Christmas

G’day Jim

Thanks, but I’ve looked into that, and it would require every user of my App to install it individually.

It would be ideal, but there’s no ‘Read Me’  on how to install anything, or how to use the install. I’ve spent some time trying, but it’s way beyond my limited-to-Applescripy expertise.

If someone with the required knowledge wouldn’t mind advising me please, I’d be grateful. This is almost the last hurdle to overcome.



BTW. I’ve received advice from members regarding storing passwors etc. which I was NOT doing well, and after following advice, stumbled onto this page, which some of you might want to Bookmark. Read to the bottom, the top halfs pretty useless.

On 9 Sep 2017, at 5:40 am, JMichaelTX <JMichael@...> wrote:

Brian, I'm sure you can roll your own, but you might be interested in this tool:

Best Regards,

Jim Underwood
aka JMichaelTX

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Subject: Change a aJSON list to an Applescript list?


I’m very slowly making progress in getting my Application “Mail Manager” to a saleable state. So much to learn about.

However, I’m using a subscriion model via fastSpring, and need to check monthly if the serial number for each App is still in FastSprings valid serials active list.

This list is downloadable as a JSON file, and I’m trying to work out how to interpret that information into an Applescript list.

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