Raising Prices?

Christopher Stone

Hey Folks,

Does anyone know the straight scoop on raising prices?

For groups upgraded after Monday, January 18th, 2021 at 9am Pacific Time, the pricing plans will be based on the number of members in the group. The base costs of the different existing plans are not changing. The change is that above a certain number of members, the per member pricing kicks in. Here is the run down:

Up to 100 members
1GB storage
Single mailing list only


Starting at $20/month or $220/year
Up to 400 members, then $0.05/member/month or $0.55/member/year for each member above that
30GB storage
Collaboration Suite
Direct Add

I was going to move a group I manage here, but we can't afford their new pricing scheme.

I have to wonder what this means for's future as well...

Best Regards,

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