Re: Applescript in Mac OS 11?

Bill Cheeseman

My expectation, based on nothing more than AppleScript's long history, is that existing support for AppleScript will not go away. The issue right now is that Apple has not implemented it in its Catalyst apps, although they could if they chose to. They do have lots of time before Big Sur is released.

Bill Cheeseman

On Jun 25, 2020, at 1:02 PM, Jon Gotow <> wrote:

That's definitely helpful from a user's perspective, but as a developer I use AppleScript within my apps to integrate them with other applications.

Losing AppleScript will result in my applications becoming "dumber". Default Folder X will no longer be able to magically integrate with ForkLift, Path Finder, or even the Finder if those apps stop supporting AppleScript. App Tamer won't be able to tell whether it should slow down Music or Spotify in the background because it won't be able to tell whether they're currently streaming music.

Yes, I can work with other developers to get special URL handlers or IPC hooks to coordinate with their app, but it's nothing like having a system-supported method of talking to applications and getting insight into their state.

- Jon

On Jun 25, 2020, at 3:16 AM, Bill Cheeseman <> wrote:

I have started updating UI Browser as a universal app for Big Sur. It strikes me as more likely that Apple will make its new apps comply with accessibility, so it will remain possible to script them with GUI Scripting even if they no longer have an AppleScript dictionary.

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