Re: System Events - Property Lists



it doesn’t look if it is:

=I’m guessing its because it expects a Property List File Object, not a Path String, however I’m at a loss as to know how to get this object, when it was created I was making a new file, but now I want to reference the same file, bet I can’t find a way of objecting the Object for an existing plist file.

Since it accepts a property list. I can write it ok and look at the file in XCode, however when I come to read back the values it gives error:

value of property list item "pModOrderFileURL" of property list file "/Users/surfacedetail/Documents/MWL/MWLPrefs/MWLPrefs.plist”

Its like it doesn’t release that “value” is a property of the Object. This is confusing, should it be a Property File Object or a File Path? Or can it be either. I can’t find any documentation on this and hardly any examples. The one decent example I found does it this way.

I’ve been stuck on this for over 2 hours and can’t fathom what it needs to make it happy! I really loath this aspect of apple script poor docs, unhelpful error message and no support (except places like this).

Oh well, could be worse I suppose.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

All the Best

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