Re: TextEdit won't open a plain text file after writing to it with write cmd

Ilya Shebalin

Hello again, Shane
That's how the as "class utf8" compiles in ScriptDebugger:
«class as  »:"class utf8"

18.06.2018, в 2:50, Shane Stanley написал(а):

On 18 Jun 2018, at 2:39 am, Ilya Shebalin <iljashebalin2@...> wrote:

I just have to figure out how to make quotes into as chevrons in precompiled AS code because my default locale is not en_EN. Maybe that's the cause of the error.

Go here and download a copy of Script Debugger: <>. Open one of your working scripts, then go to the View Menu and choose Show Raw (Chevron) Syntax. That should show you what you need.

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