Re: TextEdit won't open a plain text file after writing to it with write cmd

Ilya Shebalin

It seems you don't own me apology, Shane. My 1st script was butchered at some point missing some lines previously present perhaps because of numerous copy pastes between ScriptEditor and Mail messages in reply to this thread. A hidden issue manifested when AppleScript traditionally failed on ":" character (it bothers me, seriously; they could implement some solutions to AS in that regard. Annoying). I'm working on it right now.
16.06.2018, в 15:46, Shane Stanley написал(а):

On 16 Jun 2018, at 10:08 pm, Ilya Shebalin <iljashebalin2@...> wrote:

I'm not sure I can interpret your response correctly.
My apologies -- I misread your code.

I'm still not sure what the problem was with «class utf8».

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